The Last Of Us (Ellie x Fem Reader)

The Last Of Us (Ellie x Fem Reader)

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WhyNotWrite1075 By WhyNotWrite1075 Updated Jun 15, 2019

This is about you. When you were seven you were abandoned and left in the woods. You learn most things from yourself, you did join a group but they were monsters. 

Seven years later, now fourteen, a man name Tommy lets you in, mainly because you were dying when you guys meet, but his wife saved you. You owe them your life. 

You love with them for a year and you never really open up, a lot of things has happened to you. You only told him how you were abandoned. One day you and him had to make sure nothing bad was happening around the fort. You guys then meet a man and a girl around your age, what will happen.

I don't own The Last Of Us, nor the cover. There is violence, cussing, sexual stuff, and gxg stuff. If your not a fan of those things then you don't need to read.

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