Good Timing (Ageplay)

Good Timing (Ageplay)

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I think this had the most votes but if not then oops. 

Also ageplay is known in this. 


"Honey? Are you okay?" Lauren hears as she tries her best to blink back tears. 

She had come to the mall planning to get some new clothes and a few other little things but when she got there, it had been a lot busier than she expected. She'd been just fine until she'd gotten caught up in a big crowd when she was trying to get to the toilet and now she was sitting leaning against a wall with her knees pulled up to her chest, trying not to cry. 

Sniffling, she glances up to see a blonde haired woman and she nervously wipes her eyes, not wanting to be seen crying. She gives a slight nod, not trusting her voice yet. 

"Are you sure, sweetheart?" The woman asks doubtfully, she'd seen the girl looking lost and panicky in the crowd and had made her way over to help as quickly as possible but before she could do anything, the raven haired girl had already moved into a quieter corridor to sit agains...