Wrong Number #Wattys2016

Wrong Number #Wattys2016

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"I was angry and disappointed and upset."

But mostly angry, and you know what happens when Sophia Martell gets angry?
She gets talkative, like really, really talkative. Not just talk, talkative but "ramble till you are practically yelling" talkative

So people usually stay away from me, when I get angry. 

Sophia Martell, quirky, gullible, sassy and talkative.
It is usually her quirky personality that lands her in trouble. And life enjoyed having a good laugh at how she threw herself in the most humiliating situation's. Her ex-boyfriend Ryan is not making anything easy for her either.

She is heartbroken, yet again. This time she decides to vent her misfortune to her best friend Trish, only she doesn't dial Trish, she dial's a wrong number, a wrong number that changes her whole life.

Read on to discover if one wrong number could finally change her life or land her deeper down in dog house.

ayeitzkalee ayeitzkalee 6 days ago
If any dude did that to me I'll  be chasing them with a 🔫
Hannah9460 Hannah9460 4 days ago
3rd time reader now i think? Anyway this book is AMMMAAZZZIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baleriag11 baleriag11 Jan 16
OMG this right here is the funniest shiz ever right now this reminds me of that one quote
                              It's all Shits and giggles 
                              Until someone giggles and Shits
Get him girl i knew you had it in you and he has the audacity to call you a fail when you just went on him sorta
Arianac4 Arianac4 Feb 20
                               #RR BTW
Yo dogs are the most awesomeness thing his could have put on this earth (if you have a diff  religion I am truly sorry) like there always there for you like truly know what you fell more than half the time and ALWAYS know how to cheer you up