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daniCalifornia247 By daniCalifornia247 Updated Jun 24, 2013

He stalks around the room like a predator, circling and appraising me. I try to ignore the weight of his gaze and keep my cool demeanor - but it's impossible. Everything he's saying, everything I've seen - it's chimerical, it's crazy, can't be real.
      "We're part of something bigger. Something...important," he emphasizes, his fervor expressing itself through a grand gesture of his arms, signaling not to everything in the room but to whatever he believed they effected. I couldn't fathom his pride or his words.
      " And what if I don't want to be part of this? What if I don't want to be part of something bigger?" His eyes widen and focus back on me, his arms going limp at his sides, and he painstakingly examines my face. Finding that I wasn't joking or merely making this moment, so glorious to him, even more embellished, he smiles. It's a cruel smile, without pity or empathy, and he walks towards me. I step back, forced to look up as he looms above, until my back hits the pristine, stainless steel counter. He dips down, locking his eyes onto mine. I watch in horror as the warm, soft browns are infused with green, the alien color swirling around his black pupil until, finally, it dominates, and there is nothing in those eyes that are understanding. They glow with coldness and a caustic authority. 
               "Iris," he whispers, so inhuman, so void of something I can’t place, that it tingles my spine. "You don't have a choice."

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