Remember Me ( NaruSasu SasuNaru )

Remember Me ( NaruSasu SasuNaru )

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I gently place my hands behind his back and begin to unbutton his dress shirt. I manage to peel it and also his pants off him before laying him down on the bed under the covers. I start to walk away to get a maid to watch over him but he suddenly reaches out to grab my arm.

"Stay..." He mumbles.

Looking at his poor frame, laying all scattered on the bed that is too big for him. A new kind of feeling flows through me and I crawl up beside him. He places his burning head under the nook of my neck and wraps himself around me...

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Nope you look like a grandma who just got hit by a truck, has diabetes and cancer, who just smothered her face in chocolate pudding........ That was harsh......
Why did he say Your father first? Tf did fugaku do to you my precious?
Look Sasuke is only going to date one person anyway so the rest would leave really depressed and you'll lose some friends
Well I'm not surprised you must likely only have 5 words in the dictionary
Death the kid: the blonde's hair is semetrical right? I'll  flip and shoot him if it's not
I don't know nobody wanted to take a picture or describe you so I'm guessing you look a hot mess