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Shades of Darkness

Shades of Darkness

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Raven Vice By RavenRavenous Updated Feb 26, 2011

Andria Drake was an amazing photographer. Her controversial photos of staged murder scenes, crime shots, slum candid shots, and other horrors made her famous in the photography underground. She had the life and artistic fame she always imagined having. But one day, when a man takes her work as an abomination he attacks her, leaving her for dead. The attack has left Andria blind and no longer able to create the works she was once famous for. Andria had become a recluse after she lost her sight, refusing to see anyone from her former life. She turns to writing, at first as just an outlet after her healing and a way to cope. Soon after, she finds she has an affinity for romance novels, even if they are a little bit hotter than needed as some points. Wanting to keep out of any kind of public spotlight, she writes under the pen name, Desiree Lark..........................
 .....Elias McKinley is a disgraced former detective. When he was framed for a drug scandal, his career was ended, without so much as a 'thank you' for his years of hard honest work on the police force. Now he's moved to an out of the way apartment complex on the lower east side of L.A. and is slowly trying to piece together his case. He's looking for the men that framed him and has neither the time nor the inclination for anything else. But when he meets a sassy neighbor, he finds himself a little distracted.
..... But now Andria is in trouble. Seems that once again someone is after her. Elias finds himself offering to help her, against his better judgment. But when he discovers some startling evidence as he's protecting Andria, they discover that the attack on her that took her sight, and the people who framed him may be a case that are one and the same. And now those mystery criminals are here to get rid of the only two people who could put an end to their crimes....

Mello18 Mello18 Sep 29, 2013
the story has lots of potential, please continue. Possible ideas: maybe the guy Could he a police officer or a special agent. maybe due to his a job some very bad people are after him and the narrator gets dragged into it. just some possible ideas. the first chapter was really good.
RavenRavenous RavenRavenous Apr 06, 2012
                              Which sucks, because I really enjoy feedback... =\
                              But thank you for commenting.
RavenRavenous RavenRavenous Apr 06, 2012
                              Thanks. =]
                              But this one hasn't gotten much feedback, so it's on a back burner until I  can get my other stories more caught up.
MadScientist MadScientist Mar 01, 2011
gee, i dunno but i feel like i was reading a published book when i read this :) 
                              as always awesome job. i like the way you broke the blind stuff in the end XD