The Degenerates.

The Degenerates.

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Tahnee Jade By tahneeonahill Updated Apr 11, 2014

We all close our eyes,

And dream of success.

Of fames, and riches,

We dream of ruling the world.

We are the unsatisfied generation,

The misfits, the mongrels, the hopeless.

The talk is boring, and nothing comes cheap.

We roam endlessly through empty streets, 

Bottles of Jack grasped tightly in our hands,

The only escape from our mundane lives.

We were raised to know who we wanted to be,

By the ripe age of eighteen,

Legally, we cannot drink, 

But our entire lives need to be mapped out.

Legally, we are young, wild and free,

But socially, we are old degenereates.

What if instead of mapping out my future,

I wanted to map out the world.

Pack my bag, and explore century old forests,

And castles built before this society was formed.

Run through cities, and swim amongst waterfalls,

Instead of sitting in a classroom, then sit in an office,

For years to come.

What if instead of becoming a lawyer, or an accountant,

I want to be a tattooist.

I want to draw on the canvases ...