My brother and i have to go to an all boys school did i mention im a girl?

My brother and i have to go to an all boys school did i mention im a girl?

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I wanted to start a new story because I read these storys about a girl going into a all guy school and fall in love with a guy but everyone thinks that girl is a guy so they think shes gay so I wanted to make one of those stories because they never go the way I wanted but they are still very awesome stoies. So heres my story.



Chapter 1

Hi I'm Natalie parker. I'm 5'6 and im a 9th grader. Yep a freashy so my sister Gianna says but thats not the point. My mother Kate parker is making me go to an all boys school with my brother Jayden. Sometimes I think my mom is crazy. My sister gets to go to a normal school unlike me and Jayden. Why does she get to be the favorite child? Oh I almost forgot Jayden is a 10th grader  and Gianna is a 11th grader. I'm not the yougest though   we have the twins but they are only second graders, Zoey and Ben. Our Dad left us a few months before the twins were born, so me being 15 I was only 7 wh...

There's this kid named Joseph in my school and he's all over the place with his relationships
Bleh nat sounds like gnat, the insect. Nate would be better but whatever :)
angel161124 angel161124 May 12
you really need to edit this, but other than that it is really good!
She has copied another story so baf we even used his name...awkward #copyright
Khloewe Khloewe Jul 18, 2016
I have a bunch of upperclassmen call me freshie friend so I can shout 'THE FRESHIE IS HERE'
jcauff jcauff Nov 06, 2015
Like it but there are so many grammar errors.  It takes a second to figure out the meaning.