Forgotten Bonds

Forgotten Bonds

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Robin; the Boy Wonder; ex-protégé of Batman the Dark Knight; leader of the Teen Titans; protector of Jump City, California; and civilian named Richard 'Dick' Grayson never imagined that certain decisions he'd make would have such a transcending impact in his life. What was a simple decision to go undercover and try to win the trust of his arch enemy, Slade, only ended up destroying the trust of his four best friends.

Not only that, the enigma Slade has his single eye on Robin and desires the Boy Wonder's abilities for himself. Kidnapped by the all powerful criminal, Robin cannot hope to escape and must endure the terrible hardship of being under the man's capture. In the midst of his struggles to escape, Robin does something dangerously foolish and ends up being harshly punished; beaten until unconscious. Angry at Robin's treatment, Slade's best friend, Wintergreen, intervenes on his behalf and demands that Slade change his tactic so that the two of them may start anew. 

'Who is Slade?'

Will Robin be able to see past the stiff molds of Hero and Villain? Will he ever be able to see past the mask and see the true man behind it? And will the bond they begin to slowly form tear down Robin's morals; or will it throw the old saying "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" out on its tail?

A story of sorrow, of pain, of hope, and of change - the impossible tale between a Hero and a Villain, and that even the blackest of hearts have a glimmer of light within them.

Genre: Angst, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Action, Friendship, Family, Slice of Life

Warnings: Violence, physical abuse, and later on, mild corporal punishment. No slash.

Rating: PG

  • action
  • adoption
  • angst
  • beastboy
  • cyborg
  • deathstroke
  • drama
  • family
  • father-son
  • friendship
  • growth
  • hurt-comfort
  • raven
  • robin
  • slade
  • sliceoflife
  • starfire
  • teentitans
  • wattys2014
- - Feb 14, 2016
Amazing! I can practically hear Starfire aha! She's absolutely hilarious xD.
JusticeisServedXD JusticeisServedXD May 02, 2016
Yeah! Bats is the only one who can do that! Not calling him a madman or anything!!😬
uranallstar uranallstar Jun 05, 2016
Raven, if you want to keep your emotions  at control, that better not be Game of Thrones.
kotak13 kotak13 Dec 28, 2015
I love dsade hes number 2 on my favourite bad guys darth vader is first and deadpool is third
- - Aug 19, 2015
The voice of Slade was so cleary heard, I could've sworn it was real. I could hear the deepness of his vocals as his stern face came in mind. I'm very drawn in to your story so far.
gravityfalls618 gravityfalls618 Jun 07, 2015
ha! when you said, 'he wasn't in titans tower anymore' all I could think about was in the wizard of oz when they're like, I'm not in Canzas anymore.