Curing Kyle ✓

Curing Kyle ✓

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Daisy By ScarlettBlackDaisy Completed

| a true story about a boy addicted to pain and a girl who knows how to cure him |

| shortlist ONC 2019 |

Kyle Magnusson is an addict by nature. With a runaway father and addict mother, he has grown up with a craving to hurt himself any way possible. From cutting through his flesh to filling his lungs with smoke to staining every bit of skin with ink, Kyle can't help but find ways to cause physical pain in defense against the emotional one.

His only saving grace? His love for his childhood sweetheart, Anna.

She's the only one who can control him, make him stop and save him from himself. She's also the only girl with the power to bring him to his knees and beg for her love. She's the queen of his heart and the knight in shining armor he needs.

Kyle might be addicted to many things, but his addiction to her beats it all.

She's his cure. 

Or is she?

| Book II in the True Stories Series but can be read as a standalone |

Warning: The story contains mature language, mentions of suicide, self-harm, mental health issues, abuse, and substance abuse. Please do not read if you're uncomfortable with such themes.