Behind The Walls ✔️(Editing)

Behind The Walls ✔️(Editing)

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Tayo did not acknowledge me but instead muttered "not you again" in a rude way.

"I heard you." I blurted out glaring at him

"Who cares." he reply staring boredly at me,and that was all it took for my anger to snap.

"Nobody but I think you should pack your shitty attitude into your school bag and don't get people in a bad mood this morning." I replied glaring at him.

"So Tayo, What's your best movie." I asked gently steering the conversation gently so it won't sound rude.

"None of your business." he replied scowling as usual

"What are your hobbies." I try again

"What part of its none of your. business don't you understand retard." he replied fuming with anger.

"Hey,don't get your panties in a twist and calm the hell down and also don't call me retard." I replie
d also fuming.

"Now retard,don't tell me what to do." he said.

"Am not and for the last time dont call me retard." I replied gritting my teeth.
Started: 4th, July 2018
Ended: 19th, February 2019.
Cover credit : Nikepo