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Shenaye By cherrie_bomb Completed

"We will never bow to man."

For years the Amazons have been living isolated from men, only leaving to find a suitable man to mate with, to produce more girls. They would never bow to a man; they would rather kill a man than marry a man. They have stayed hidden, participating in wars against men, the women have stayed strong in their resolve, and they have never weakened to a man and would rather die than ever become a slave to a man.

Rhea is young and has finally come of age; it is her turn to go out into the world to find herself a man to produce a child with. Rhea would much rather get it over and done with, she was wanted to prove she was not the weak link, she just wanted to fulfil her duty and head back to her small village. But Bastian-a Greek warrior-is as stubborn as she is and brings a lot of trouble with him.

(this amazing cover on the side was made for me by @Ashihara and @appetence, thank you both so much!)

TimeLord_13 TimeLord_13 Feb 23, 2016
feminism is about equality. Misogyny is contempt of women and misandry is the contempt of men. The amazons were extreme misandrists
theeternalscribe theeternalscribe May 15, 2016
Amen.  That's how I am with my writing. I'd much rather write something realistic but harsh than something fluffy.
Hommeldraak Hommeldraak Mar 18, 2016
"The views and opinions in this story are in no means representative of the views and opinions of it's maker(s)"
xvalentinabieberx xvalentinabieberx Oct 16, 2016
I read the first line and i already love your story dont be sorry babe
tttt79399403 tttt79399403 Apr 13, 2016
Isn't the right word 'Amazonian's' not 'Amazons', because that just makes it seem like you are talking about a number of forests lol
jcgriff jcgriff Oct 21, 2016
Why are you apologizing for being a  feminist? Lol your already set in your ways so let it flow forth into your writing. Hail all women! Subjugate all men! Im sorry I had to.... just picking at ya.