Wild & Senseless

Wild & Senseless

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Heather True By _bienyy Updated 3 days ago

In her world only power coexists. As her fate goes on, she will realise that what surrounds her is not just what lies ahead. There is more than what eyes meet, and to unravel her family's atrocity she will do everything.

In his world blood is a substance that signifies justice. In order to save other people he will go to such extent of doing what the law had forbidden. He used to live in solitude, with the darkness drenching him in madness, he knew that he wouldn't last any longer.

As their worlds collide, time will only tell what was meant to happen; Death and mayhem may be one of them.

  • abuse
  • adventure
  • creepy
  • death
  • disturbing
  • family
  • gun
  • horror
  • kidnap
  • kill
  • knife
  • love
  • murder
  • namjoon
  • psycho
  • revenge
  • serialkiller
  • suspense
  • thecrowninggemawards
  • thriller
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