Reiji's Twin Sister || Diabolik Lovers Fanfic

Reiji's Twin Sister || Diabolik Lovers Fanfic

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Shiruka Sakamaki

The older twin sister of Reiji Sakamaki and the only daughter of Karl Heinz.

She moved away from the Sakamaki household and didn't come back for almost 9 years mainly because of Cordelia's 'I will kill your beloved brothers if you don't get out of my sight' type of threats.

And of course, she ran away, and that led her to the church where Yui Komori was raised in.

What happens if she is forced (but happy) to come back home with Yui? What will her brother's reactions be??

Will she tell her brothers her identity? Will they even figure it out?


Started : 5/10 - 13/18
Completed : 11/12/18

(I suck at everything.... kill me.... T-T)
a/n: Btw this is pretty much what happens when you freely let me imagine things before I sleep.