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Simone By Explode Updated a year ago
Secrets are part of any family. Every family has things they want to stay hidden.  Charlottes family was no different. Apart from her families secrets aren't the harmless type. There the type that would change her life forever.  But like all secrets, they can't stay hidden forever. Is this a story were her mate will come in and save her? No Will this story be predictable? No Will this story bore you? No To put it simply, this story will leave you craving for more, and it won't be like anything you have read before.   -- Sequel to Twisting You (However you can read this story separate if you wish.) -----
I feel like she's doomed to never get a happy ending.....
                                    My heart truly goes out to her.
                                    My respect too...
why every one leave her for their mates and her mate leave her for human and not his mate :-( dare u come and ruin evrything gabby!!!
                                    I did not see this coming
You should've said that to her. It's obvious Gabby and Maddie don't really like you.
He was going to propose to Chloe!! Oh shít and when she found the ring he just had to say it was for her.
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omfg after reading the first story i was like: im gonna fuqing kill someone if she goes back to xavier!!!! but then it's alec that ends up leaving her omfg im crying aljsfnaljgaaaag bye