Marionette - Naruto Shippuden High [Akasuna no Sasori x OC]

Marionette - Naruto Shippuden High [Akasuna no Sasori x OC]

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Rin By lucidrebel Updated Oct 11

Violent and dangerous.

If there are two words in the dictionary that will perfectly describe Kuro, those are it.

She's a hot-headed, impulsive tomboy with no friends of her own gender, the girl who gets in fights very often - and never loses. Kuro longs for a friend that would understand the hardships of being a girl, but who wants to befriend the school delinquent? 

This junior year, she vows that everything will change. 

What happens when she gets involved with a certain gang that could cause danger beyond her control?

She begins with a rough start between herself and the Akatsuki, a. k. a. idiots who can't hold a proper fight, fair and square. Things get a thousand times more twisted when a tough, impulsive person like herself finds that not only is she growing to despise this little dollface... she's falling in love with him.

But he's not in this to find love. 

He just wants a new toy to play with.

And she absolutely cannot be controlled... Nor tamed.

Does this puppeteer think he has the power to control the strings attached to her?

Well it's either that, or to allow himself to become attached.

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Author-chan can we be best friends I live final fantasy and I actually have llV (I'm stuck though) I've recently been getting into them and I'm all ready in love with the game its pretty difficult for me but fun
Don't worry 
                              Don't worry 
                              I can't flirt with normal people
                              I can flirt with dolls 🤗
That's almost how I made friends on the first day of high school 😅
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First-- *sucks in a breath*
                              You pUT YOUR HAND IN THEIRS AND YOU PUSH YOUR BOOBIES OUT!!
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                              THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!
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Pff, those girls are missing out videos games are life itself