The Perfect Boy

The Perfect Boy

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theendofsilence By robingerardchua Updated Oct 09

This is a complete story based on a real-life experience (maybe around 70%-75% true).   After finishing the book, for some reason, I had to take it down (the reason would be explained in the second book, coming up).  For those of you who read, but didn't have a chance to finish reading the story when I pulled it down, I am truly sorry.  A number of you contacted me.  So, now, I am putting this up again.

I was well known in my school, not only for my apparent good looks, but for the fact that my face appeared in so many school events and activities.   Prior to today, I was a happy single boy of seventeen years with a dazzling identity and a matching sparkling track record. 

Those eyes, that smile, the flexes on his face that it caused - just about everything about his face -captivated me since I first noticed him sitting on the second row in the school auditorium.  He had the brightest of smiles.  The most endearing aura enveloped his being.  The simple gestures he made as he was sitting had both a calming effect and one that caused some kind of rage within me.

I knew right then that this boy was going to be the end of me.