My CP and Fandom Experiences 5

My CP and Fandom Experiences 5

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Siren/Fire By Sirenalagirl53 Updated 8 hours ago

Don't let your fear control you dear visitors
For you are more precious than you think

Even the most innocent, kind, pure hearted, and caring can snap to where than can hurt or KiLl someone

Names Siren.(Bows with dress like a princess)
Names Bella, Bella Rose.(Bows like NiGHTS)~Bella Rose
My name is WaterLilly my dears.~WaterLilly
Names NightShade.(Bows like NiGHTS smirking a bit)~NightShade
The names Centipede loves.(Bows like a queen)~Centipede
My name is Firefly. Hello our dear visitors.(Bows with skirt as smile is bright)~Firefly
(Bows with tutu)I am MonarchB, It's an honor to meet you all.~MonarchB

Hope we can ALLLLL get along, no bullying please. Go through that enough as it is.

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Lovesick_Jasmine Lovesick_Jasmine May 04, 2018
Man I wish I was a child of Slender ;-; Eh at least I'll be a pasta. You are now one of my biggest idols ^^
Lovesick_Jasmine Lovesick_Jasmine May 04, 2018
Lol literally I would have downloaded that mod if I were you so don't feel embarrassed 😅
QQQQQQ13 QQQQQQ13 May 30, 2018
Your personalities are cool. They are personalities right, sorry if it’s a stupid question? You seem like one of my best friends actually. Sorry I’m really weird and out there in thought process.