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Loki's Daughter

Loki's Daughter

53.2K Reads 2K Votes 19 Part Story
Ragnarok and Roll By Snakehipping-Tom Completed

Hela was a fourteen year old girl living in an orphanage in New York City. She never knew who her parents were but she did know that they must be special for her to have the ability to shapeshift and have other powers. But, when Loki starts attacking New York and SHIELD finds out he has a daughter who might be deadly as he is, will Hela end up joining Loki or helping the Avengers?

Gokuthesayian35 Gokuthesayian35 7 days ago
If you love her let her GOOOOOOOOO! 
                              Cause these words are knives and often leaves scars!
                              The fear of falling apart.
                              Well truth be told, I never was yours!
                              The fear, the fear of falling apart!
                              The fear of falling apart!
Gokuthesayian35 Gokuthesayian35 7 days ago
Loki and Me (In unison): TOOOOOOOO MANY FEEEEEEEEEELLS!!!!!!!!
Skirnir Skirnir Nov 11, 2015
If it was a movie, i would try to wipe away lokis tears with a tissue.
thatredskittle thatredskittle Oct 21, 2015
Wow... Congratulations your the first person to make me cry so early in the book... :.....(
Mia2001R Mia2001R May 27, 2015
My heart is gone it's been shattered into just jahhdhdjkdksks
amesta123 amesta123 May 08, 2015
My heart: synonym for broken.
                              My heart = equivalent to broken 
                              My heart is shattered