Water: Book 1(Avatar the Last Airbender)

Water: Book 1(Avatar the Last Airbender)

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Sakurako Ky is a waterbender. One of the only Waterbenders left in the South Pole. Besides her sister, Katara. Ky is extremely headstrong and determined when she has her mind set on doing something. She is also very kind with a huge heart. But if you get her mad or mess with her family...you better be ready to pay the price. So, what happens when she and her big brother and sister find a boy in an iceberg? 


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AylinAkinal AylinAkinal Jul 14, 2016
Well, in the series, they don't age. As all the four books happen in the same year
PotatoNugget2230 PotatoNugget2230 Nov 03, 2016
I was actually thinking that blood bending was bending blood cells or something and I was like, oh yeah. There is water bending and that stuff so it's like that!
WEIRDanimeBOOKlover WEIRDanimeBOOKlover Aug 25, 2016
I want a dragon and I have ill get one even if I have to get some scientists to genetically make it
Akumu_Chi_Akuma Akumu_Chi_Akuma Aug 09, 2016
sorry no offence
                              it is great 
                              though I like more Aang x OC x Zuko x Jet
Earthstone Earthstone Aug 01, 2016
Okay I'm not trying to be rude here I just legitimately don't understand: isn't putting all this stuff up here kinda majorly spoiling a bunch of the plot??? I don't get it.
Rebel_Vey Rebel_Vey Dec 08, 2016
I love how it says "sokka only". Like no one else calls her kuri