Water: Book 1(Avatar the Last Airbender)

Water: Book 1(Avatar the Last Airbender)

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Sakurako Ky is a waterbender. One of the only Waterbenders left in the South Pole. Besides her sister, Katara. Ky is extremely headstrong and determined when she has her mind set on doing something. She is also very kind with a huge heart. But if you get her mad or mess with her family...you better be ready to pay the price. So, what happens when she and her big brother and sister find a boy in an iceberg? 


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I'm so glad this isn't one of those stories where he main character has an ultimated amount of power those stories are unreasonable and unrealistic but I can tell I'm gonna love this story because I'm a dragon obsessed lunatic sooook yeah
TJ_Grant TJ_Grant Jun 09
Wait so this characters love interest is Aang.... so does that mean that Zuko and Katara are gonna be a thing?
Supahumbeon Supahumbeon Mar 20
Toph shoulve called her frosty instead of just frost. Frost is too serious. 😂😂
I'm happy that it isn't Zuko, no offence to zuko fans but the most fanfictions have zuko for love interest
It actually happens in less than a year, the books follow spring and summer. The end of the three books is the end of summer. And in the last part or chapter, they all are taking like a year from that date Aang was still frozen
PotatoNugget2230 PotatoNugget2230 Nov 03, 2016
I was actually thinking that blood bending was bending blood cells or something and I was like, oh yeah. There is water bending and that stuff so it's like that!