The Cursed Girl |  Wattys2018

The Cursed Girl | Wattys2018

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Ziah Reza By ZiaAli8 Updated 3 days ago

Ella Wilson is a sweet and simple seventeen year old girl whose ordinary life takes a drastic turn after a car accident. An accident that changes everything and turns her life is into a living nightmare! 

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So far it's compelling me to read more. Nice job @ZiaAli8 . Looks like a real story though.
Loved all the background in this chapter- Ella’s anxiety about being in the new family is really effective. The coffee shop sounds great!
It's cool. I get to see a wattpader in their natural habitat and their way of work..I don't mind 😏👍🏻 
                              But hopefully it gets fixed.
Looks like she is going to enjoy her new life. Great going @ZiaAli8
ZiaAli8 ZiaAli8 May 13
Sure. I'll keep in mind. Thank you so much for the suggestion and your views 😊💕
- - May 13
Hey! I love the story and the way you describe the surroundings. Can I give a suggestion? Break up the paragraphs into smaller ones. It is easier to read and looks good. Anyways, great job on the story!