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The Rejected Angel

The Rejected Angel

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Chloe By ChloeSauders13 Updated Nov 08, 2016

She was rejected her whole life by the people that should have loved her the most. Meet Felicity a 17 year old girl that up until the night of her 17th Birthday, thought she was a normal werewolf.

The night of her birthday, when she was meant to get her wolf. She got more then what she thought she would. She woke up with terrible pains in her back then looking at the mirror shard, she sees wings on her wolf.

 'ANGEL' . 

 After her mothers' death her father changed for the worse. Not a day would go by that she didn't have scars on her body and she had to start working to keep the house running. On the morning of her birthday, she decided she couldn't take it anymore.

She ran.

Enter the twin Vampire Kings, Zach and Eric. They are searching around the world for their Beloved. After giving up hope that she could be found in their kingdom, they held a ball, and invited all the species to attend. 

They searched.

And they saw her right when she saw them. 

She ran.

They chased.

She disappeared. 

Will they meet each other again?

Will they bring love and peace or death and despair to the werewolf and vampire realms?

StephanieSmith193 StephanieSmith193 3 days ago
Loving ur book. I would have never guess that u was this young. You r a great writer so plz keep it up.  
                              YOU GO GIRL
RoseyPosey88llSTT RoseyPosey88llSTT Jul 14, 2016
Sky? Ty?  Seto? Brice? Jason? Tyler? Quentin? Jerome? Mitch? Ker- *My family gets annoyed and shouts*: GEEZE WE KNOW U MISS TEAM CRAFTED, BUT SERIOUSLY?!? Me: As serious as how pancake pal is ross (of you don't get this then you need to search up 'Team Crafted' or 'the Brefast brigade'
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jun 09, 2016
Very informative and entertaining! I'll be looking to read a good Story! 😄 😄
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Jun 09, 2016
It sounds like a good Story! Keep up the good work 😀 😀
honorthefallen honorthefallen Jun 13, 2016
Hey if ya want I think if ya let me co-write I'll fix the spelling also I will not write or rewrite any and I repeat any part of the story cause I absolutely suck at writing but I'm really good at spelling
oliviajayde06 oliviajayde06 Aug 13, 2016
I'm from Australia Queensland to be exact but I moved to Perth when I was like 6 months cause my parents got divorced