The Alpha Abandonment

The Alpha Abandonment

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Nikolaus Chaser By turtleshells Completed

"I am only trying to do what's right for the pack- what's right for you!" Michael exclaimed, looking up at his angry mate.   

"I don't know what you're doing Michael, but it isn't for me." Forest growled.        

"I would let you do it! I thought you said you were okay with this?" Michael asked. Forest sighed and shook his head.        

"I thought I was, but I can't do this anymore. Every time you sleep with that girl I feel as if I'm going to die. It's agony!"        

Michael sighed. "But I need to produce an heir if I am to rule this pack! I love you Forest, but you cannot give me a child!"        

"But I would if I could, Michael! Don't you understand what you're doing to me? You're killing me! I don't want to rule this pack- I just want you! And right now you just don't seem to care! You don't care that you're breaking my heart!"      

Tears welled up in Michael's eyes but he blinked them away.  

"It is my destiny to become Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack."       


His name was Michael Caden Stuprum, named after his two dead grandfathers.  He was born the first male into an Alpha family who ruled over the most powerful pack in all of a America. But he was born different. He was born with a mate named Forest- a male mate.           

Michael Caden Stuprum was the first ever gay werewolf.          

But there was one problem- Michael was destined to take over his father's pack once he died, but if he couldn't produce an heir, he would never be able to take over as ruler of the pack. His brother Jake- a complete failure with no respect for anyone- would take over the pack and surely run it into the ground.        

So what must Michael do in order to save his pack?  And will he be able to save his relationship with Forest in the meanwhile?

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mida_2002 mida_2002 Feb 14, 2017
This is my first gay book I'm reading about werewolves. I hope this is just as a good as a non - homosexual book
                              (Is that even a word?🤔  Hmmm.......)
MichelleNguyen276 MichelleNguyen276 Sep 29, 2014
In your other book you said that you could only impregnant your true mate
FuyuNoRyu FuyuNoRyu Aug 09, 2014
Wow I never thought I'd find such a good and interesting story (even tho this is thr first chapter) I'm happy to say I'm hooked and ready to read more!
jennjahh_ jennjahh_ Jul 26, 2014
wtfrick, I know you were not raised by Anna if you go around slapping women!
ZabrinaChristiansen ZabrinaChristiansen Jul 03, 2014
in the first book we were told that a wolf only can have pups whit he's true mate?
LilyFullyLiving LilyFullyLiving Jun 02, 2014
This is the first paragraph and I'm already liking it but the grammatical mistakes and the wrong usage of names and ages threw me off to be honest.  Please try to read over the story before uploading because too many mistakes distract the readers from enjoying the story.