Klance (galra Keith x altean Lance)

Klance (galra Keith x altean Lance)

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DeanCipher13 By RandomFandomsDean15 Updated Aug 19, 2018

This is going to be an omega/alpha au and if you couldn't tell by the title its also altean lance and galran keith.
Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language. You've been warned. Also the time point is after they save the Balmara. Which is in season one so this may be a pretty long story which, I hope you all enjoy.


Lance has always had trouble finding his mate, him being only half wolf, half altean, and an omega. but what happens when he meets a curtain mullet head, alpha, and galra male comes into his life.

The following ships are my opinion, don't like, don't read, thank you!

Klance (Keith x Lance)
Pallura (Pidge x Allura)
Shunk (Shay x Hunk)
(shiro won't have a relashionship yet I'm waiting for season 7.)
If there's any ships you know of that i could add to this story please let me know!

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  • gay
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  • hunk
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  • klance
  • kuron
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