Fear Is How I Fall * Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier Love Story* Book One Of Marvel Series

Fear Is How I Fall * Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier Love Story* Book One Of Marvel Series

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Faith&Jane By GingerEyes Completed

*Based On Captain America: Winter Soldier*
Anne Shmidt was under the curse that her father had placed her in for over seventy years. The only way for her to wake up is for her to receive her true loves kiss. When she wakes up she finds herself in a new world's car with a masked stranger driving. She figures out his  intentions and breaks out the car and rushed over to the nearest city: New York.
She hides  by getting a ride by Shield's Nick Fury as soon she enters the City.  a car chase begins and Anne saves his life from an explosion.
The Soldier works hard now to kill Steve Rogers, Anne Shmidt and Nick Fury  as he sees them(as well as the rest of HYDRA )  as a threat to their plan. But every attempt to kill her fails as he thinks about the kiss they shared .

Anne wonders about the man and who he is. Was he the one who she was meant to be with?

This is the story on how the Dragon tamed the Soldier. And how the two found love again.

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onceuponanovel89 onceuponanovel89 Apr 26, 2016
Oooo, I'm not even in the Marvel fandom and I'm intrigued. ;)
llaauuura llaauuura Feb 21
don't you just hate it when  you leave your de-corder at home.
alittlebitbonkers alittlebitbonkers May 17, 2016
I think the term they would've used was beau but this is adorable!
ObsessionQueen166 ObsessionQueen166 Jun 15, 2016
I honestly don't think that Bucky actually thinks like that... sure he may be violent but I don't think he liked killing all those people. I'm sorry if I seem rude or mean, I'm not trying to be, I'm just giving my opinion.
Deliquio Deliquio Dec 24, 2016
Deborah Samson Gannett was a soldier in 1782 that fought under the name of her deceased brother and served during the Revolutionary War
cainheel93 cainheel93 Sep 13, 2015
okay. i really cant stand that true love kiss. thats just stupid and annoying. they dont even know each other for christ's sake, what love?