Strictly Business *Editing and Adding More*

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BrokenTypewriter By BrokenTypewriter Updated a year ago
Adam James has to propose. That's easy enough. Throw in a month's time limit, lacking pick up skills, sibling rivalry, forgetful old flames, a life of partying, and a failing family business. Now that may be difficult.
I love the storyline so far and how you wrote it!  You had great descriptions and great grammar!
Nice plot! I loved your writing style because it really kept me interested:) Your dialogue is very smooth and the descriptions are great! Loved it!
His wife scares me, she remind me of your mother.
                                    Enough, I know that feeling bro lol :D 
                                    I wish you could describe things a little more but that's probably it !
I thought this was a believable males point of view. Well written and good attention to detail.
That was surprising. I thought his dad would be cold since he ordered, not asked, him to go to the office. :P
Very original. I love that it's from a guys perspective.That's something unique :P The beginning really caught my attention! Good job!<3