Hidden Fox

Hidden Fox

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Fox Shifters aren't supposed to exist, but that's where the world is wrong. April Anderson is the only Fox Shifter anyone knows about. Except, not many people do. She lives her life hidden from the other weres, and any wolf that isn't in her pack thinks she's human. 

When the greatest war between Hunters and Werewolves finally ended seven year ago, April had no relatives left save for her immediate family. Or that's what she thought. In a blur of three days, her family picks her entire pack up and moves East across the country to be near their new-found family: Emerald and River Williams. 

While this sounded like an adventure, April now has to start over at a new high school; one that conveniently has her mate. And he just so happens to be the Alpha of the Rising Moon Pack. 

How long can she keep half of herself hidden from the world, let alone her soulmate? And even worse: what if her secret lands in the wrong hands? 
-Book 3
-Under heavy editing
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