EXLECEBRA - Dark Desires (On hold for plot editing)

EXLECEBRA - Dark Desires (On hold for plot editing)

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Scarlet Bienti By The-Dark-Queen Updated Jul 08, 2015

Désirée had done no wrong, but soon the Siren was on the run, as she had become the most ‘Wanted’ female in the Paranormal Society. 

With his lifestyle, the son of Ares and Aphrodite had caused the Gods a great deal of trouble, and as a punishment, Alcaeus was banished from Olympus. Unless he returned with a female worthy to stand as his wife and Goddess. 

But time was running short and the Gods could wait no longer. And unfortunately, Cupid has a twisted sense of humor, thinking that pricking the Siren’s heart and binding her with her sworn enemy was a fantastic idea.


- Greek Mythology
- Violence (in the future)
- Expletive/Obscenity
- Sexual Reference (Well, duh...)
- Psychopath

  • ares
  • begonia
  • blood
  • contest
  • cupid
  • god
  • greek
  • humor
  • love
  • mythology
  • nymph
  • romania
  • seductress
  • siren
  • tranyslvania
  • violence
  • werewolf