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First Saturday K.L.U.M.S.I.E.E. Krafter's Klub

First Saturday K.L.U.M.S.I.E.E. Krafter's Klub

219 Reads 36 Votes 12 Part Story
Elizabeth Comiskey By eacomiskey Updated Jul 11, 2018

Four women, born in four different decades, come together once a month at the little red brick church on Washington Street for The First Saturday K.L.U.M.S.I.E.E. Crafter's Club --a time they dedicate to creativity, decadent food, and sharing the happenings of their lives. Over the years, they've learned most everything about one another, but each keeps a a single dark secret from the others. When a new pastor arrives they warn him to beware of the church's ghost, but when history threatens to repeat, belief in a local legend becomes full fledged terror of a vengeful spirit.

As each woman's story is revealed, the ties that bind the families of the small town become more tangled and entwined until past and present blur into a stunning moment of revelation.

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