The Sleeping Cara

The Sleeping Cara

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Humera Kachhi By QuestionQoutes123 Updated Jan 07

Cara, that's what her name is, the one who taimed the monster and his traits."

"No, the one who taimed the monster and demons of self doubt stationed inside a gorgeous and good man. His past made him suffer and he sought to make people around him suffer. But he never was a monster for monsters do not regret, monsters do not apologize and most importantly monsters do not love."


Cara Riu, a passionate and beautiful woman. A soothing effect for a burned one. She was the very thing that Igor Pierce 'the so called monster' cherished and loved. She was very aware of the demons surrounding the man she loves and she swore to make him see the inner soft side of himself. But the problem here is that she can not feel, she cannot see anything except  darkness. But she can hear the beast himself confessing his sins............. would she be able to  wake up or the monster will lose his last shimmer of hope.