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Dimensional War

Dimensional War

27.4K Reads 1K Votes 26 Part Story
elizabeth.vounce By scrletfyre Completed

Sequel to the story "Monsters with Souls"
Years have passed for Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzamaki as they set out to find a way to stop Sosuke Aizen aided by his Arrancar army and the rogue ninja group known as the Akasuki from their goals. War between the two different dimensions is bound to happen.  The only ones whom can stop it are Ichigo and Naruto as they put everything on the line to stop the war from happening.

A Bleach and Naruto fanfiction crossover story

I already watched all of Naruto, but I'm still watching Bleach, I'm at the part right after they save Orihime from Huecho Mundo or whatever it's called, so I might finish the series first.
Sabaku_no_Setsuko Sabaku_no_Setsuko Nov 18, 2016
Dude, your like 50 while she looks like she's in her twenties
mysticalshadow mysticalshadow Sep 08, 2015
Once again. I am so so so glad that Haku lived. He did deserve to live in the Naruto series. Too bad he died there.
mysticalshadow mysticalshadow Sep 08, 2015
YAAAAAAAYY!!! They're already lovers. Naaawwhh. That's so cute!!! CONGRATS BÎTCHES!!
mysticalshadow mysticalshadow Sep 08, 2015
Holy shît. Ichigo and Naruto both look so cool. And awesome. And hot. And incredibly strong. And especially hot. Did I mentioned hot?