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Stalkers and Saviors

Stalkers and Saviors

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WolfgirlXoXo By WolfgirlXoXo Completed

"I've always loved you, River. Ever since we were little kids and  you pushed me down on the playground because I threw rocks at that dorky fat girl. No one had ever treated me like that before. Since then, I've been kind of...obsessed." His steel gaze turned in to a dark smile again. "When you left me, River, you forced me to do things that I really didn't want to do..." He moved closer and inhaled my neck for a few seconds. Then he kissed me...well, he tried. I couldn't move my mouth but that didn't keep Brody from plunging deeply into it and exploring every crevice with his tongue. When he was satisfied he pulled away and finished his sentence with dark eyes and a sinister smile. "Now, I'm going to force you to do things that you really don't want to." He stood up and walked to the end of the bed, dragging his fingertips down my naked body the whole way. He put my shackles back on my ankles & wrists and locked them. "The paralyzing serum is going to start wearing off in about twenty minutes. Until then though, nobody is going to touch you..." He pushed a button  on the side of the table. From the split between my legs, down, the table divided and split in two, opening my core and causing me to do a full split. Brody smiled while the tears rushed back with a vengeance. I've never felt this open, this susceptible, this completely...naked, in every sense. What was happening to me was the root of all nightmares. I truly believe that Brody and his evil rogue followers are demons from the darkest pits of Hell. "But they can look all they want." All the other men in the room rushed to the side of the room where they got the best view of my open center. "Why am I allowing you to move again, you ask?" He chuckled, grabbed my face, and bent down so his nose was pressed against my cheek. "When my seed explodes inside you, I want to see your back arch in pleasure." I was in Hell.

holly_bo_bolly13 holly_bo_bolly13 Mar 30, 2016
I moved from Arizona to Washington and the whole year I lived there, I didn't unpack all of my stuff. I was too lazy. Then I moved to Nevada and 3 years later I still have things in boxes 😂😂
BlackJag BlackJag Nov 23, 2016
Dude..why not just ask..have you seen my umbrella? Why make it so long!!
SuchaRose5221 SuchaRose5221 Jun 01, 2016
I think that's really pretty
                              Maybe I'm thinking wayyy too hard
eimmyAnn13 eimmyAnn13 Oct 04, 2015
at least you were able to put your ideas into writing. i admire that a lot.
pleasereadtome pleasereadtome Mar 06, 2015
I haven't even started it yet and I'm already loving the way you write!
ChristiSWilliams ChristiSWilliams Jan 13, 2015
Raleigh here got to love a book in the sate you live in so are they near Troy and candor nc out by the mountains that makes the most sense to me wolves would go crazy near that huge state park