Percy Jackson goes to High School

Percy Jackson goes to High School

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Grace By Grace204 Updated Sep 01

Percy is leader of Camp. One day, his mum decides to send him to school. Read, as Percy's not-so-good school year passes and then he has to take the people that bullied him all year back to HIS camp! 

Luckily, Percy still has a few tricks up his sleeve to show them that this is his home turf. What will happen between Percy and the bullies?  Can they become friends?

(One of those stories where Annabeth is a bully)


'happy chappy'.... I've never actually heard that phrase before
I think you mean DAM hahahahhahahahahhahaahhaha.......I am such a nerd
Annabeth played fetch with him and trained him at the same time
It's like 3.blah blah blah... I asked Siri.. Wait what nooooooo I didn't I would neeevvvveeerrrrr
I don't think that NORMAL horses drink coffee...*shudders at image* But I don't think Chiron could be included in that category of NORMAL HORSES. I'm pretty sure he's fine.
Red Rubber ball aka just Annabeth playing with him and giving him commands as if she was training him......he tore up that ball....