Alpha's Forever

Alpha's Forever

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lisa_brown By lisa_brown Updated Nov 21, 2017

In the future, the humans are ruled by the werewolf race. 

The Werewolves are very strong, very furious and  dangerous creatures but they also stand by their word. They have packs all over the world and they are all under the rule of the Werewolf Royalty, The River Moon Pack. The Pack's Alpha, Werewolf King, David Turner is an honorable one and is the reason for whatever harmony exists between their species and humans. However, there are still werewolf hategroups and rebels as well as some cruel packs who don't share their King's opinions. David Turner has recently retired and handed over the position to his son George Turner.

To say George Turner is dangerous would be an understatement. He is Cruel, cold and savage when it comes to getting what he wants. He is known to be soulless with no emotion or remorse. When it comes to females, he uses them, both werewolf and human, to satisfy his needs in the crudest way possible. There have been instances where even the strong werewolf females shivered with equal amounts of fear and lust towards his demands. Few even felt envious and sorry for the mate whom he would find one day.

What if he finds his mate? What if she is human? Humans are considered physically weaker and sensitive for the tastes of werewolves but the matebond is the strongest pull a werewolf ever feels. Besides, George Turner does not take 'No' for an answer.

Everything was going well for Juliette Spencer. A new place where she could spend time with her sister, a new job and hopefully a wonderful life ahead. Her only mistake was to walk in to her office meeting that day. She should've called in sick or shouldn't have taken up that job at all. She hadn't anticipated that that particular day would turn her life upside down.  Now the only way to stay safe is to run. Run as far as she can from the ruthless alpha who is set on claiming her. But no matter how far she runs, an Alpha's mate will be the Alpha's Forever.

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chelsieisatrex chelsieisatrex Jun 10, 2017
George just doesn't sound like a cruel name 😂😂😂 reminds me of curious George