Perfect Enough | COMPLETE

Perfect Enough | COMPLETE

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Amy N. Johnson By CameoLover93 Completed

At twenty-two-years-old, Joshua Jones doesn't have much going for himself. 

He's a shy, soft-spoken, introverted nobody who, for years, has had a massive crush on a popular YouTuber, Rory Carter. 

Rory is an enthralling brown-eyed devil with jet black hair, perfect teeth, an outgoing personality, and a jawline sharp enough to cut through steel. He's exactly Joshua's type, but Joshua knows that he and Rory could never be a couple. Not in this universe. Too much stands in their way - the biggest thing being their sexualities.

Joshua had always assumed that his crush was straight until one night while out at a party, Rory does more than just talk to him, he does the totally unexpected and kisses Joshua...

It's a kiss that sets both of their worlds on fire, for the good and the bad. 


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