Dreams of Scale and Bone

Dreams of Scale and Bone

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Echoe Otto By EchoeOtto Updated Sep 17

[Steampunk Mystery] When a farmer claims her son was attacked by magical fish, the College sends Drika and her professor to investigate. Her professor declares the farmer insane, but Drika believes there's truth to the story. With the aid of an attractive young doctor, she uncovers a conspiracy involving the Holy Imperial College, the Prince of Orange, and a mysterious force with a taste for blood.


Updated regularly.
Longlisted for the 2018 Wattys!
Awesome cover by @astrxphoria

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I really love this, the concept is incredibly intriguing and original, the setting is beautiful and the characters seem very realistic and relatable. Great opening chapter!
mushumallow mushumallow Sep 13
I love Drika so much ❤❤ She's a very realistic character!
mushumallow mushumallow Sep 13
I love how much you are showing instead of telling! Your descriptions are very vivid! I feel as if I am standing right there. ❤
Agreeing with @AshesToBurn!! What an excellent first chapter and I'm already hooked.
AshesToBurn AshesToBurn Sep 15
Aaaaaaaand *adds to reading list* this was a fantastic read.
AnneMcKae AnneMcKae 3 days ago
I could tell by the comments you left on my story that you were going to be a good writer - it's why I followed before reading. This opening paragraph . . . just proved how right I was. This is such a gripping first paragraph.