Random Writing Tips

Random Writing Tips

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madeline By jynxii Updated Nov 02, 2012

~So I've noticed a few 'writing tips' stories around, and I thought about making my own-but focusing on lesser detail that really amounts to greater writing. By this I mean I'm going to explain what exactly annoys readers or turns them off by what is actually in your story, rather than how you've written it.

~ I'm not ranting; I'm trying to get honest word out there for you writers that are freshly starting out (or not). No, I'm not a perfect writer, but I certainly know how to help others better their works. I'm probably going to make a few people mad, but that's inevitable. I'm not putting anyone down or making in fun of them or calling their stories crap; I'm trying to point out common mistakes as well as give solutions to them.

~I'm going to be blunt, but in the nicest manner possible. Got a problem? Learn to write with or without the following topics.

1-      Songs and song lyrics within stories

2-      Texting

3-      Snowballed descriptions