*Dreaming of Riley*

*Dreaming of Riley*

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Jenna but that's classified information =P By AuroraRush Updated Jun 18, 2011

We often go through life, overlooking the feelings of others... 
Hurting those who love us and being hurt by the ones we love...
We learn History in school to try and avoid repeating it, but somehow, we always seem to... 

Hurt by her past and scared of the future, Peyton Weber goes through life just trying to make it through. 
After her mother's death when she was twelve, Peyton now has to deal with the responsibilities of raising her four year old sister, avoiding her alcoholic father, dealing with the everyday life of being a teenager, passing her exams and still, somehow, manage to fall in love... With the right person.
And through it all, she'll have to realise that everyone else feels too, just like her. They feel pain, happiness, sorrow, grief... 
And remember...
There's always two sides to a story...

Thanks so much to XxSimplyJJxX for the awesome cover =} 
(Just to let you know Peyton's hair isn't red... but you never know what could happen =P)

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JoannaLi JoannaLi May 17, 2011
Oh. My. God. I absolutely LOVE it! Voted!!! Now off to read the rest... :D ^^
bacutie4eva bacutie4eva Jan 12, 2011
yes. i'm just saying it because i want to be a good friend. truthfully, i hated it. 
                              OF COURSE I LOVED IT! WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT!?!  i loved it!
LifeInABubble LifeInABubble Dec 23, 2010
I can't tell this is going to be brillaint! I'm so going to continue!
dustclears dustclears Dec 04, 2010
tehe I love the way you write! Peyton is an awesome name and she sound like a cool character! Can't wait to read more XD
AuroraRush AuroraRush Oct 01, 2010
@Annelilese Thanks so much! And no problem, I had fun doing them! =}
Annelilese Annelilese Oct 01, 2010
rofl haha not a Twilight fan either, or a robert patterson fan. lol this story is cute!!! I'm going to go read the next chapter now =]
                              Thanks for answering my Question of the Days!!!!