Stars in the Summer Sky

Stars in the Summer Sky

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Ira Crow By IraCrow13 Completed

A boy and a girl stood on a roof garden
Under a million stars of the summer sky
Fond memories from when they were but children
When he had been curious, and she had been shy

When she had secretly thought him her hero
And her views and honesty he'd always seek
Yet they were ill at ease to tell
How they truly felt when they fell
So, he had told her, "I'll always be your epic weirdo."
To which she'd replied, "And I'll always be your closet geek."


I dipped my toes in cheese and now, I couldn't stop. Prepare for:
- An onslaught of cliches inspired by true events
- Rhyming that will hopefully be limited to this blurb
- A curious boy and a shy girl (based on the rhymes above)
- A funny Wingman and a hot vixen who likes to wear red (yay, more cliches)
- An obscene amount of foul language (no, not really)
- A short story; this blurb might be longer