Of Pain & Pleasure

Of Pain & Pleasure

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Daisy By ScarlettBlackDaisy Updated Feb 08

| a true story about a quiet yet talented boy and a bold yet talentless girl |

Jesse Frodo is invisible. Quietly passing through the halls or sitting with his head down in the only class they have together, he could disappear and nobody would ever notice. He's a nobody. At least thats how everybody, including Evangeline Stone, sees it. 

It takes one unfortunate interaction for Eva to see the talented young man hiding behind the silent boy, with dreams he could chase and doubts that keep holding him back.

Eva, on the other hand, isn't particularly good at anything. At least that's what she thinks. She's half-decent at rapping, but seventeen-year-old white girls can't make careers out of that, especially when they're going to college soon without knowing what they want to do in life.

But the more she gets to know Jesse, the more Eva realizes that there is more to life than simply being talented or useless. 

Because life isn't always as simple as pain and pleasure.

| Book IV in the True Stories Series but can be read as a standalone |