Fairy Tail High Academy {Book 1} ~ When Girl meets Gangsters ~

Fairy Tail High Academy {Book 1} ~ When Girl meets Gangsters ~

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{BOOK 1} 

A school with different kinds of students with different kinds of issues. 

A school of furious and reckless gangsters but when this certain girl came to their way they didn't know that from then on it would change their life forever.

From saving her to their rival gang and breaking the rule of not getting attached there are somethings that aren't explainable.

Cause not all stories end in happy endings because that is just a thing from the past... 

But we never know for love is something worth fighting for... 

Cause with all this there is only one question:
What happens when girl meets gangsters? 

After all ... it started with Operation save Lucy Heartfilia

Read and find it out yourself >>>
SHIPS GrayZa / NaLu / Lyvia / MiraXus / GaLe / Romeo x Wendy

BOOK 2: Fairy Tail High Academy ~ When Boy meets Angel ~ (On hold)

lcurr_722 lcurr_722 Jun 03
Great plot idea but your grammar and sentence structure is horrendous this is my opinion so please no hate and again great plot idea but please edit
Amaleakim Amaleakim Aug 31
Why is it GrayZa? I'm not against it although there's no sparks. v.v
Why do people keep on hating GrayZa? It's not like it's canon, and some people get mad even when Jerza has more... Potential or whatever. We just ship them. That's nothing to be mad about.
Nalu90 Nalu90 Aug 21
Who's condor? Someone please answer this so that we ALL know👍
great story I like it and I have lot of time to read this wonderful story
Nashika25Clifford Nashika25Clifford Dec 29, 2015
Oh, Coms on! Why Grayza? Lyvia? But still I can just let it go-_-