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❝She stared into the inky darkness of the hole.
Bright as the moon was, it revealed nothing about what was below. 

The hole burbled and hissed, as if it were speaking to her.

Rey stopped at the edge, stooping to examine the moss, and slipped. 
Slipped, or was dragged inside. She didn't know if she cried out, or if it made a sound.

She fell into water, the cold like a knife in her lungs. She struggled, surfaced, and gasped, eyes stinging from the salt, then hauled herself out onto the slick, flat stone. 

She was in a cave, she saw now - a long, narrow space that the sea had carved away beneath the lip of the cliff, creating a hidden place beneath the island, its existence revealed only by a blowhole where a vertical shaft had intersected the surface. 

The hole spat gouts of water at high tide but seemed to breathe when the tide was low, as it was now.❞

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