The girl who chose for the gang...

The girl who chose for the gang...

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"So, Emma.....who is it?", Trevor asked, crossing his arms.

I stared at Ryder and the boys. They had sad expressions written over their faces. And then I shot my dad a glare. He was begging me, shaking his head, not to do it. All i could say was...."I'm sorry".

I stood up and reached for the gun. While I took off the safety pin, the boys started screaming.

"Emma you dont have to do this!"
"Dont Emma!"
"Somebody stop her!"
"Em, listen to us. Listen".
"You're being tricked".
"Shes not listening, someone do something".
"Em, dont. Please. Dont".
"N-no. No".

I closed my eyes. "This is it. The time has come", I said to myself mentally. I then opened my eyes to a smirking Trevor. "I made my decision. Great. Do what you gotta do and this will all over.


Emma Winferron wasn't your ordinary girl. Instead, she lived a life of hell after her mother died. And everyday, shes kept busy by being abused & tortured. But believe it or not.....she meets a odd looking Ryder. Doesnt and havent met him before. As she is taken by him and his boys....what will she find out....about her life that was kept a secret?

Ryder Anderson was the leader of boys of 8 boys. They were a gang that no one has ever heard because their the lowkey ones. But anywas, the boys were sent to keep an eye on a girl who believes to be the bosses daughter. On his first day, he bumped into Emma but their first reaction wasn't what he expected. He knew something was up and Emma wasn't safe. What are the boys going to do?

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Honestly guys stop overreacting over this. If you find it offensive then stop reading. Everyone can make little understandings now and then nobody is perfect. Besides it's really hard to find other words or something similar to that so just understand that it's just a book and it means no harm
If she's a terrorist wouldn't she have shot u think birches think
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Excuse me? but... who is you talking to cause bitch I know it ain't me.
That metaphor though😂 Who the hell makes fun of a chicken?
At the end of what they’re talking u forget to put another (“”)
                              Fix this please
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