Katara x male reader A Duo's destiny ATLA

Katara x male reader A Duo's destiny ATLA

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Poprocks By Poprocks0428 Updated Nov 02

Y/N grew up in the South Pole as long he can remember. alongside his two best friends Katara and Sokka 

During the 100 year war Y/N lost someone close to him during the southern raiders assault. Which left him bitter towards the fire nation 

Katara however still remains hopeful that the Avatar will return to bring balance to the world.

She also believes in a long for told prophecy of a child to be born as a fire bender with the advanced ability to bend lighting. To train the avatar in mastering this ability in hopes to bring peace

I don't own anything regarding ATLA or the photos in this story not even you except my original characters I'll be adding in this story down the road