The Rose Killer ✔️

The Rose Killer ✔️

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Sarah MacLean By Sarah_MacLean Completed

☆FEATURED PICK & WATTYS SHORTLISTED☆ An assassin with a heart of gold must purge the city of its shadows.


Hunted as a traitor by a ruthless organization of killers, Elyra Ross must flee her home under penalty of death. Starting a new life in a distant land is never easy, but Elyra has a plan: learn how to survive in Lazuli City, and only kill people who deserve it. Despite careful execution of her bad habit, it's only a matter of time before the story of a vigilante killer reaping justice in the Rose District - the heart of the capital city's underworld - draws the ire of people just as dangerous as her. Staying alive will require a careful wit as much as a sharp blade, but if Elyra can keep one step ahead of her hunters, she could become the most notorious assassin in the country of Alsoom - whether she likes it or not.


Featured Pick, August 2018
Shortlisted Wattys 2018

1st Place Action, 2nd Place Overall, Blue Rose Awards 2018
1st Place Adventure, 2nd Place Overall, Spring Day Awards 2018
2nd Place Action, Rebels Wars 2018

"Exciting. Addictive. Pulsating. Must-read!"
- Seb Jenkins

"This book was written so beautifully it really blew my mind multiple times. It read just like a published book and I can't imagine the amount of trouble and time that went into writing this and creating such a vivid world!!!"
- poznati, author of L'Ange de la Mort, 2018 Wattys winner

"Can't wait to read the next. Favourite book I've read on Wattpad."
- MEWaldock, author of Wyrd, 2018 Wattys winner

"By now I can comfortably say that Elyra is one of the most complicated and interesting characters I've ever come across, both traditionally published and on Wattpad."
- Jagermeanshunter

Cover Illustration by Sarah MacLean