Lien Baramee | Mother of Beam Baramee

Lien Baramee | Mother of Beam Baramee

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Lien Baramee can't believe she agreed to come. But she has to check where exactly Forth lives. She want to know where to find him if he made her son, Beam, cry.

She is starting to get bored when suddenly there's a man who is hot in her eyes shows up, just seconds before dinner.

He is Forth's father friend.


I wake up in the morning with this idea.
I know there are some some story on going from me, but what can I say? I told you from the beginning, my mind is a mess.

And after sometime Lien Baramee earns hate and love from the readers. 
And I am fond of her.

The Iron Lady, The Iceberg.
Beam Baramee's mother.

And somehow she get her love story in the journey of his son's love story.

Lien Baramee everyone!

Lien Baramee character is mine
2 Moons character is not mine (this is fanfiction)
Picture is not mine (I google it to give a better description)

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