The Shade of These Dark Waters

The Shade of These Dark Waters

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Denisa Logojan By denisaacl Updated Dec 28, 2018

WATTY'S 2018 SHORTLIST.  Pirate captain Dazaara Aviraz holds an intricate relationship with water. Exiled from her homeland, she longs to return home, to a father who taught her everything she knows. So, when an influential buyer offers to lift her ban in exchange for an ancient artefact, she accepts. 

Crossing the Sea of Bones has yet to be charted. Dazaara resorts to the help of gods and monsters to survive, but the costs are great and the dangers, greater still. The voyage requires more than a sailor's heart, and even Dazaara's gifts are strained.

Yet, with an old darkness swirling beneath the blackest waves and a self-imposed fate looming over her head, the lines between truth, humanity and evil begin to blur. This quest becomes a desperate attempt for survival, and when both her nature and her heritage are questioned, it is a matter of time before the waters she had so dearly loved pull her asunder.


This is a dark tale of dark hearts, of risk and heartbreak and desperate fear. This is the tale of a woman who fell to her knees at the grandness of the world, and at the cruel secrets that hold kingdoms alive. 

Dark Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

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oceanslostinstars oceanslostinstars May 27, 2018
SarahSokol5 SarahSokol5 Dec 30, 2018
Nitpick but I might say something about "balancing her weight" instead of evening it. Just flow-of-reading sort of thing.
troveth troveth Aug 20, 2018
Conflicting details like this are so interesting. Though I have no idea if Marque is a major character or not, I love how there are already multiple sides of him.
SarahSokol5 SarahSokol5 Dec 30, 2018
I like this detail. She is good on her feet, improvisation, but also knows preparation is the key to success. :D
Scrooluce Scrooluce Jan 01
Great start. Liked. Feel free to read my work if you like.
SarahSokol5 SarahSokol5 Dec 30, 2018
It seems to me that "put you in the ground" is kind of a landlubber's phrase, as a sea captain wouldn't she have a more sea-worthy phrase to use for killing him? :D