My Cold-Hearted Boss (Chanyeol Fanfic)

My Cold-Hearted Boss (Chanyeol Fanfic)

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himlu 欣如 By unspokensadness Updated Jun 15

I dunno how to make a good description so:

A part-time and hardworking girl named Kim Haeun took the job that nobody in the world dares to because she was in real trouble (financial problems). The poster stuck on the wall was "WANTED: BABYSITTER Please head to this address blah blah blah". Unfortunately, she got tricked. She wasn't supposed to babysit, rather, guard a certain young man.

The young man is named Park Chanyeol who lives his luxurious life without worries---except one. He's getting engaged to a woman he doesn't know. He wants a perfect girl but there's no woman in the earth like that. Which means he doesn't wanna get married. (He has commitment issues)

Since Haeun is in serious need of money, she agreed to be her boss (Chanyeol) and fake 'girlfriend' and the show goes on.

Please support and I hope you'll take time to read this oh-so-cliché fanfic :)
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You're not funny 😒
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Who's Pete? Is that a new character? 🤔😕🙄
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sori saying but 500,000 won a month is nothing... haha thats the price of a rent house
chanyeolsleftnipple chanyeolsleftnipple Nov 05, 2016
Holy poop this is the longest chapter i have ever read😍😍
AmberLiu4ever AmberLiu4ever Aug 15, 2016
That reminds me of when Geum Jan Di had to be Gu Jun Pyo's personal maid!!!
-berrybaek -berrybaek Apr 10, 2014
Omg girl! THIS IS AMAZING! I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT UPDATEEEEEE :D Omgggggg pweaseeeeee updateeeee ^_^