Ally For A Lie

Ally For A Lie

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...From an acquaintance
❝And I'm Cole, ❞ he stood up and grabbed my hand to kiss it but before he could, I took it back.

To a foe...

❝I shouldn't be talking to you,❞ I said.

❝Uh, why? Because you're speechless every time you see me?❞  he smirked.

❝Because you're trouble. So I'm just gonna pretend that you're Casper, ❞

...To an Ally for a lie

❝It's just gonna be a fake kiss but in a different way,❞ he took a grip on both of my shoulders but not too tight. "Pucker up, Joey Roberts" he maniacally winked. 

❝Hold your balls, lover boy.❞ I poked his forehead as I pushed it away. "Nuh-uh, not gonna happen."

Joey Roberts has this huge crush on Adam Blake whose heart is already taken by Coraline Reyes who has a crush on his boyfriend's stepbrother, Cole Blake. 

After walking home together with Cole, Joey got a warning from Adam to stay away from his step brother since he's trouble; with Cole knowing that the warning came from his brother he got mad and stayed away from her. 

Cole Blake, on the other hand, had never loved any girl other than Coraline. He'll do anything to have her back. After finding out that his step brother has a soft spot for Joey, he made a plan; a plan that involves your foe to be your ally for a lie.

Will operation "Ally For A Lie" a success? Or will it be the other way around?