The Selective Mute Princess (Rough Draft) ✔️

The Selective Mute Princess (Rough Draft) ✔️

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Samantha Jayne By SamanthaJayne_x Completed

Princess Amelia Clarkson is mute, when the tragic night that made her become mute just ten years ago, she is twenty and hasn't spoke for ten years... for it was talking that killed her sister. 

Sarah Clarkson would do anything for her daughter but desperately wants to hear her daughter speak again.

 Adam Clarkson loves his daughter and would do anything for her and understands why she won't speak. But as they get ready to step down from the throne a mute princess has to take over can they try to get her to talk or will it push them further away from each other?  

Ethan Sparks is her new bodyguard will he last or will Amelia drive him away with her silence like all the others have? Ethan is charming and feels strong protectiveness over the princess as soon as he sees her, will Amelia fall for his charming ways? What happened on the day she became mute nobody knows all they know is another princess died the same day. Amelia has nightmares making her wake up screaming that's the only sound that she can make she tried to stop it.

Xxfreaky_writerxX Xxfreaky_writerxX May 02, 2017
I've read the second book so I'm just going to say you'll be so shocked
SophieP99ar SophieP99ar Dec 27, 2017
I don't understand why and how did her sister died
                              And how is her talking connected with her sisters death
SophieP99ar SophieP99ar Dec 27, 2017
The Notebook ,in my opinion ,isn't a movie that I would cry. I don't think that it is a drama movie too.
                              Always in my opinion
That always happens when your watching Harry Potter, hunger takes over
SophieP99ar SophieP99ar Dec 27, 2017
This story suppose to be years ago ,I think ,how can she has an iPod 😟😟😕
Derping_Knightxx Derping_Knightxx Jul 05, 2016
U go girl, honestly it's their fault for not seeing the movies or reading the books